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Our Vision is to establish Mothers with Children Transitional Living Centers that give single or abandoned mothers and their children safe living conditions and opportunities to gain the skills and education necessary to provide for their family independently.  These centers are a place of encouragement and support, giving women the time and tools they need in order to stabilize their lives so they can become independent and self-sufficient parents and for their children to grow up in a secure and loving environment. Vision for the Children International assists those with like minded vision and passion with the necessary programs, resources, tools and consultation necessary for them to open and run a successful Transitional Living Center within their own ministry and community. 


Our Program Focus is designed around the creation of small family style Transitional Living Centers, much like a home, that will allow 3 to 4 mothers and their children to live together for up to two years as they receive necessary support and rehabilitation. Mothers share household duties and cooking responsibilities. These centers have daily scheduled routines and programs associated to the individual's needs.  They provide a warm family environment which is critical to the well-being of those who live there.  Unlike large government institutions, having smaller family style centers allow for flexibility and personalized attention for each mother and child, plus it allows for a greater involvement by volunteers and local community.  This type of center can be easily be adapted to a larger piece of property where there are a number of individual homes that are administrated as one project. The program can also be adapted to a larger single facility depending on the needs of a community.  


Mothers with Children Transitional Living Centers - Program Overview


Refuge - Provides living accommodation for up to two years for single or abandoned mothers and their children.

Job Training - Help women connect with trained professionals to attain skills including hairdressing, computer technology, language, and housekeeping

Resources - Connects women to necessary resources like free day-care, donated clothing and furniture, educational materials and books, church locations, CPR and first aid, and job openings. 

Parenting Advice/Classes - Advises mothers about children's care, health and well-being.

Medical Care - Offers advice concerning medical insurance and provides financial assistance for doctor’s visits including checkups and prenatal care.

Emotional and Spiritual Support- Provides opportunity for mother to discuss past hurts and present concerns

Training - Vocational, child care,  home care, language, financial management, life skills and other training as deemed necessary.

Interested in launching a Transitional Living Center through your existing ministry?  

Email us at and share your vision with us.


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