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Our Vision is that all children be given an opportunity to succeed in the world in which they live.  Education is the primary area in which we can see the potential for long term impact.  Education is more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. Education gives children critical skills and tools to help them provide a better future for themselves and their family. 


After School Programs -  have a proven track record of improving student achievement in school. Regular participation in high-quality after school programs is linked to significant gains in standardized test scores and work habits, improvements in school attendance as well as reductions in behavior problems among disadvantaged students. By providing students with consistent enrichment activities such as music, art, sports, conflict resolution, cultural experiences, language courses and other alternative ways of learning, after school programs improve students’ social skills, gives them more confidence, creates higher educational and career aspirations, and motivates them to consistently attend school.

Computer Learning Centers - are avenues for children to access computers and resources that assist them in the necessary research and education required for their primary schooling.  Our Computer Learning Centers consist of as many computers and printers necessary to handle the demands of the community in which they reside.  They are well administrated and safeguarded both physically and with software security for the safety of the children.  These centers are also being used to teach computer programs, educational programs and language lessons.  

A personal note from the President of VFTCI:


Dear Friend,
How does access to a computer bring hope and create healthy families?  In and of itself it doesn’t, but connect it to teachers and a compassionate community and you have a recipe for success.    Poverty is much more than a lack of money it is often a mindset.  When poverty takes over a child’s mind, that child can only see the moment and present circumstances.  A child in poverty and lack is prone to drugs, alcoholism, abuse, illicit sex, and broken families.  Poverty steals a child of their innocence and hope of a better tomorrow.

On the contrast, a child with hope, can still have lack but believe in a future with possibilities.  Computer Learning Centers bring this kind of hope.  Our centers bring a child into faith based communities that care for their immediate needs and long-term success.   Surrounded by those who believe in them, these children begin to believe in themselves and a God who cares about them personally.  

We create Computer Learning Centers as safe havens where children who need access to computers, printers and the internet, can study, learn and succeed in school and life. When you support Computer Learning Centers you’re not just buying a computer, supporting a teacher or providing accesses to internet for research, you are bringing hope to a child, healing a family and changing a community.  You connect children to possibilities.

Your support and prayers make this a reality and make an eternal impact on a child’s life.  Please partner with us today in changing the life of a child.

Christopher Green


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